Dont act as Big Brothers!

We Indians may be poor, dark and even dirty. We eat with hands or cook food our own way. But I cant see why others should be worried about it and use these as reasons to abuse us. Does it mean that if we arent fair, we will not get fair treatment?

We have selfdignity, guys.. and we shouldnot allow someone else to treat us unfairly because of our skin colour…

I dont believe in generalization, but it seems the English haven’t given up their old notions of white man’s burden…

What I want to tell them is, wake up please from your slumber… read your newspapers… your old colonies are now finding their strengths and their voices… the new century is the Asian one… the real happening places of the new world are, unfortunately for them, the ‘dirty’, ‘poor’ land of the dark Indians & the yellow Chinese…

And find some time for yourself to get civilized enough to judge people by their character and not by their skin colour… and to learn to accept other cultures and religions in the right spirit…

And stop abusing Shilpa, because you have no right or reason to do so!



  1. Well sais meera,
    but one thing, not englishmen are abusing indians..
    I feel here in Saudi Arabia something like you said above..

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